In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Niepce used a camera obscura to produce the first stable photographic image (a negative). Back then no one could have foreseen the wide-ranging effects that photography would have on the course of history. Photographers since that time try to frame and capture a brief moment in time, an artistic view to the world we are living in. The first commercially-available color photography process was released in 1907. Color film made in 1936 enabled that color photography came into widespread public use. The next major revolution in photography came in 1990 when the first commercially-available digital camera was released.
hello freelance team presents the high-quality collection of digital photos called "I amsterdam". Collection consists of extraordinary photos with simple ordinary stories from real life taken in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals to world-famous Amsterdam museums and historical sights, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
This collection is on sale now with standard or extended license. A standard license allows you to use the image for an unlimited amount of impressions for both editorial and commercial use on a website, social network or in online advertising. An extended license allows you to use the image in television bradcast, in print runs or on products that will be sold. Contact us for more details on this offer.


The Internet is the number one place people turn to when searching for information about local restaurants and cafes. We offer the professional web design process with an all-in-one package, tailored specifically to the needs of restaurants and cafes. Moreover we’re here to help every step of the way. We offer a full setup service that takes care of everything from customizing design, to go live. A hello freelance team built website infuses the look and feel of your restaurant or cafe. Contact us and request a quote!

    Key website features:
  • Unique look - tailor fit and responsive design
  • Photo gallery – give potential customers a glimpse of what their dining experience could be like...
  • Menus – website provides easy access to full menus, with descriptions and prices...
  • Member registrations, reservations and enquiry form
  • Featured events – promote upcoming events...


hello freelance team offers a range of online courses that you can study at your own place. The online courses from hello freelance team not only give you the flexibility to choose when and where you learn, but also offer personal support. You can determine both the start date and a pace of learning that fits your personal schedule. We promote the vibrant, intellectual endeavor of IT courses for new dimensions of learning experiences.


This is an attempt to write something different than usual. This is a blog about life. Read on...
Available in Serbian language only!


Knowing one or more foreign languages other than native one is very important and may bring many benefits. If you are planning to start a language school you have to concider few things among others. Location of your language school has to be good enough to attract more people to come. You should be better than others and to target more potential students by identifying a target audience in a proper way.

Depending on how many students and staff you will have, you need to have a full equipped classroom. But, lately one thing become more and more important than before. Namely, you need to think about investing in new technologies. Your access to the Internet, computer equipment you should have, and good web location are very important if you want to have more students outside your neighborhood. That will make the teaching and learning process easier and will bring you more benefit after all. We could help you. ICT consulting, market analysis and setting up the new atractive web location with possibility for online learning are our job, together with outstanding marketing campaign on social networks.

Spot our FREE CONSULTATION sign and ask for a help. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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We have opened a Twitter account @helloteamoffice with an intention to provide you all the important news, information about promotions and necessary support. We are providing comprehensive technical support and serving customers whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our customer care system is committed to providing outstanding pre- and post-sales support for our customers. Please feel free to contact us over email or Twitter for all your service needs and inquiries. Our team members provide clear response times and assists with the management of customer feedback, escalations and technical support issues.

Contact us and request a quote! Email us or send us a private message on Twitter to discuss your project requirements and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.


TALENT HOUSE COFFEE-INSPIRED ART: hello submitted #coffeeinspired photos for Le Méridien. More info: Talent House.

  • DECEMBER 26, 2016

ORGANIC SEO FOR ERGOSTO.RS: We succeeded to put pages on #topten #searchengine result page thanks to their increased relevance to the search terms.

  • DECEMBER 8, 2016

[AT]NIS 2016: OneOf hellofreelanceteam members at conference [at]Nis 2016. We are going on an adventure...?

  • NOVEMBER 19, 2016

AUTHORITY HACKERS' WEBINARS: I've watched very inspiring webinar about how to build branded high quality sites! Visit Authority Hackers' website.

  • SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

NEW CLIENT'S WEBSITE LAUNCHED: hellofreelanceteam has launched today the new website for our client Rolospas. To view the website visit

  • MAY 16, 2016

NEW DEAL: We have started to work on a new website. It's about new dimensions of office ergonomics. Updates are coming soon!

  • APRIL 20, 2016

COAT OF ARMS: hello freelance team offer new and unique ways to define your oqn values in life by creating #coatofarms

  • APRIL 12, 2016

NEW TECH BLOG: We are about to attack tech life's challenges with our new blog. See what's up at

  • FEBRUARY 22, 2016

OUR FACEBOOK PAGE STARTED TO GAIN FANS: Look for the "hello freelance team" on Facebook. Please #like and #share with your friends!

  • FEBRUARY 17, 2016

HELLO IS ON INSTAGRAM: Two days ago, we published a photo editorial for Cosmopolitan Serbia monthly readers contest. Follow us (@hellofreelanceteam).

  • FEBRUARY 17, 2016

HELLO WEBSITE HAS BEEN LAUNCHED: We are excited to announce the launch of our website! Explore our freelance services at and #stopandstayathello

  • FEBRUARY 1, 2016

HELLO GOES LIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: The very first @helloteamoffice tweet is here. Follow us and stay #inspiredbyhello

  • JANUARY 29, 2016


DECEMBER 26, 2016

hello submitted #coffeeinspired photos for Le Méridien.

DECEMBER 08, 2016

We succeeded to put pages on #topten #searchengine result page thanks to their increased relevance to the search terms.


FEBRUARY 1, 2016

hello PR

Here are some of feedbacks, as well as letters and emails we have gotten from our customers.

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Cafe & Restaurant Meli Meli

Our cafe and restaurant Meli Meli had well designed web location and good organized marketing campaign on major social networks thanks to you guys! We were running our business from 2012 until 2014 in Nis, Serbia. Thank you very much again for building such a clean-designed website ( [current status: inactive]) for us. With the assistance of the hello freelance team, we have developed a more outstanding image to our guests. We appreciated to your work with high standard of quality as well as professional services.
Sincerely, Evangelos and Sonja Tseris.
PS Good luck with your new website!